If I were President

My first time voting was in 1980. I was a seaman aboard a nuclear missle sub and the country was in dire need of a great leader, someone to help restore the greatness of our country.

Reeling from Veitnam, Watergate and the Iranian Hostage Crisis, everyone seemed depressed, and then came Reagan. When he told the Iranians that the first thing he was going to do was to declare war and come and get the hostages, dead or alive they were coming home. So, for an 18 year old kid serving aboard the most powerful ship in the world, I was impressed. President Reagan put it out there that the “evil empire” and all those out there who want to end democracy and personal freedom were in for the fight of their lives. He took control of the economy, he restored the military to such an extent that the USSR had to give up.

If I was to run for the Presidency I would push an aganda of strenth and compassion for my foreign policy. Take the Iranian neclear program. I would let them know that at any one time a nuclear missile sub would be ready to respond if they were to actually build a bomb and threaten to use it, that they would become a nuclear wasteland and leave it at that.

I would hold back any funds to countries that harbor and support terrorists reguardless of our current relationship and to suspend sending American tax dollars to foreign countries until the needs of the American People have been met and the huge deficits were reduced to a managable level.

I would take the inititive and cut the budget for the Executive branch of  Government by 20% across the board and ask Congress to do the same. We must learn how to run the government with the current tax levels and I would veto any bill that required more spending.

The three things that would not be messed with are Social Security, Medicare and the Military. I cannot believe that the citizens of this great nation want to see our seniors and the sick wandering through our streets begging for food and medicine. As long as the government is taking money out of the paychecks of its citizens for these programs they should not be talking about touching these important programs.

The Elected officials should be talking about cutting their own benefits and programs before thinking about pushing the sick and elderly into the streets. Make no mistake, the money these people are getting is barely enough to keep them in affordable housing and to provide them with the medical care they need to stay alive.

I would look into finding other revenue sources to help fund these programs, like going to Corporate America and finding ways to take this money we are currently taking from the American People and making investments that would earn interest and stimulate the economy. I believe that our Corporate leaders can get together and fix this problem without raising taxes.

My pledge to the military would be to not send them into harms way without a clear plan and support of congress. Our national security would be the main focus. secure our border, patrol our coastlines, assist our allies and never use military force unless our country or our allies are directly threatened.

If we are going to continue to be a member of the United Nations and NATO  then I would require the participation of the other major members before I would commit our military to any action that does not involve us directly and then only if the congress can agree that we need to participate. I am sure that unforseen problems could arise and that the 90 day rule is in place so that any action I would concider necessary could be taken while the congress makes the decision to either go forward or to pull back. I am sure our intelligence agencies and the Joint Chiefs can monitor the world situation and make the call if force of arms is necessary.

 Immigration is a big problem for our country. The people want a fair and moral plan that would address the flow of foreigners coming into the country unchecked. I would move the military training facilities to the border so that they could train and guard the border at the same time. I would also go to the United Nations and ask that the Mexican people be granted refugee status. I understand that there is a thin line between an economic migrant and a refugee but an argument could be made (like the one I am making now) that the Mexican population have no effective protection from the criminal elements inside their country and the government has been ineffective when trying to protect their citizens due mainly to large scale corruption and threats to their own families if they try to interfere with the illegal activities. It is my opinion that the United Nations should grant the popualtion of Mexico refugee status so they can be dispersed among the member countries and then have a UN backed peacekeeping force enter Mexico to re-establish an effective goverment and police force simular to what we are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq and like we did in Bosnia  Once the country has been taken back from the criminals and corrupt officials the displaced population can begin repatriation.

I feel that the Mexicans are a great and moral people who are fleeing to the U.S. from the threat of violence and repression. The mass graves being discovered verifies this assumption. Also the reports from border communities that local officials are being murdered when they refuse to allow them (the criminals) to operate without interference. I realize that I might be wrong about the definition of a refugee when it comes to the Mexicans but Americans know from our past that not doing something because of the where people come from or their race has caused the death and torture of millions (hundreds of millions maybe?) over the past 50 years. The majority of the Mexican people are devout Catholics and Christians who only want to live in peace with a since of security that we here in the U.S. take for granted. I am 90% positive that the majority of the Mexican people currently living in other countries illigally would voluntarily return home to help their country recover from the horrible
conditions that exists today. Once the corruption and the threat of death from the criminals has been quelled. If granted refugee status would  the cost of caring for these people be evenly spread out over the member countries?

I am not suggesting a regime change, just the opposite. I am fairly positive that the elected officials in Mexico want to serve the Mexican People. What government, that has no real control over the military and Police, can be effective in protecting their people?  As we can clearly see they cannot.  I concider the Mexican people as neighbors, brothers and sisters and when I see them having to run for their very lives into the arms of America I want to help them, but I know the U.S. cannot do this alone and that the United Nations should lead the effort to help and the member states need to come together to provide a sanctuary while the situation in mexico is addressed.

I would use technology to save money when it comes to travel and visit the American People. I would utilize the internet and other means of communicating without having to actually show up. Until we get our financial house in order the tax dollars have to be used as wisely and responsibly as possible.

I would push for a more economical and consistant means of teaching our children. One teacher, perferably the best of the best would be recorded and used in every public class room so that the learning is not mixed up with personal ideology and politically motivated indoctrination.

Our school system needs to catch up with technology and our students should be learning the same way in every grade level. Of course I realize that this would cause the current teachers to lose their jobs, I can imagine the loud dissent that would come, but I think about all those industries that had to endure just that. When the horse drawn carriage companies were faced with the automobile had the very same problem they had to adjust.  When we are facing economuical ruin we must do whats right for the 300,000,000 and not worry so much about the 2,ooo,ooo people who would need to find another way to use their knowledge to earn a living.

Home schooling can be done more easily, private schools would thrive and our colleges and Universities would be able to teach more students for a lot less money. I do not see the current system of education surviving much longer utilizing a sytem that work a  hundred years ago. Our kids need a better more reliable means of learning and our parents need a more economical and effective way to spend their hard earned money on education. The time has come to overhaul the education system.

The States need to be more responsible for their citizens when it comes to creating jobs. The federal government can only do so much to create jobs. Building roads and bridges, federal law enforcement, homeland security, the military, border security, all the necessary departments can provide only so much.

It has to be the private sector that the American People count on for their income and security. The states must be more accountable to the business community through lower taxes and regulations. I understand that the federal government has the resposibility to control the amount of money they tax from these businesses and as President I would meet with as many corporate and small business leaders and find the ways we can lower the tax burden and eliminate unnecessary regulations, but the states must be more involved with these businesses who employ their constituents to make sure that they continue to grow and make profits so that they can create more jobs and make the jobs that currently exist more secure.

Healthcare is a big challenge, I believe that the only real solution is to take the insuance companies out of the equation. The citizens who have no access to healthcare should have a more economical means to get help rather than filling our emergency rooms. If we take the insurance companies out of the loop and have the Doctors bill the government directly would save a lot of money. A radical idea but I think it needs to be debated.

The big elephant in the room is the availability of care. If we have 40 million people who now have access to healthcare they are going to start filling the waitng rooms with all kinds of minor ailments that they would normally just have to deal with using over the counter remedies. I would think that a new type of healthcare screening program will be needed to weed out the minor, easily treated ailments that require a prescription. And when they find serious problems they could find the right place to send them. Most of the population that now has no financial means of getting help need to understand that going to the doctor is for serious problems and that colds, flus, minor cuts and scrapes need to be handled by themselves.

When I was in the Navy we had a corpsman to go to when we felt ill or needed some stitches and when he found more serious problems they would send us to the nearest medical facility for treatment. It would be a new business oportunityfor nurses and other non Phd healthcare professionals. A prescreening would be manditory for non emergency situations. Compensation would have to be so the healthcare providers do not gain from providing too much care or not enough. Im sure once we get a workable plan we could move on.

I know its not easy to run a country as big and diverse as ours but we need to stop whinning about the problems we face and come up with real solutions and the only way I can see this happening is to get the old school politicians out of the way and put people in office who know what the country needs, through their own experience. We have to make some drastic changes but we must be careful not to cause more pain and suffering than absolutely necessary.

I am A high School graduate, I am a 4 year veteran of the U.S.Navy, I used my G.I. bill to go to truck driving school Iwhich I payed back) I drove truck until I was diagnosed with a medical problem that ended my driving career. I then worked in commissioned sales until I retired in 2006. I watch and listen to all sides of the debate and I have come to believe that the only way to begin to fix whats wrong is to get rid of those who let it happen.


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