Why is Casey Guilty?

I read today that the Casey Anthony murder trial is the most watched trial since OJ.

I have come to a personal verdict for Casey, Guilty of manslaughter. Guilty of child abuse, Guilty of tampering with evidence of a crime and guilty of being heartless. The last one is not a real charge but it goes to show how an emotion can drive a juror’s verdict as much as physical evidence.

I believe that Casey accidentally killed Kaylee while trying to knock her out with a chloroform like substance. She placed the child in her trunk and then tried to figure out what to do. As time went on she knew that she was going to jail and decided to party. Once her act was discovered by her parents she went immediately into damage control.

Her parents, after finding out that Casey killed Kaylee, chose to protect their daughter which, I believe, they regret. They helped her put the decomp body in the woods and then helped promote the idea of the kidnapping. I doubt that the DA will charge the parents but they did commit perjury.

The absence of emotion from Casey and her ability to separate herself from her daughter’s plight shows what I believe to be a mild form of mental illness. Mood disorders are common in young mothers and Casey has an inability to love. The pictures of her partying and the tattoo touting her freedom from motherhood prove this 100%.

When Casey’s lawyer put together her defense they tried to show a gentler side and a caring mother who was inadvertently involved in the accidental death of her daughter, Kaylee. But to watch her demeanor throughout the trial and how she was willing to blame everyone else for her inability to love her own daughter showed her callous heart. Not the heart of a murderer but the heart of someone who knows she is going to jail and her only care is will she get out someday. I think she will.


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