The Verdict is In, Wow

When I posted my last blog I was unaware that the jury could not convict Casey of the accidental death of her daughter, Caylee. I feel that the prosecutors had presented the jury the wrong case. I felt from the beginning that Casey tried to knock out Caylee with chloroform and accidentally killed her. After which she felt that since she was probably going to jail for her daughter’s death, that partying and having a good time was her only way to deal with the situation.

I can tell from the very beginning of this sad story that Casey did not love her daughter. Caylee was an accidental birth and every time she wanted to go out and meet people she would have to find someone to watch her and then if she met someone she would have to admit to having a child. Most of us know that this is a big turn off for guys her age looking for their future bride.

Bottom line, Caylee died while in the care of her mother and if the prosecutor would have presented the accidental death of Caylee by the hands of her mother then they most likely would have convicted her.

I have to wonder if there were other child deaths that would have warranted the attention this trial received. Hmmmm


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