Blood from a turnip

When I joined the workforce I was always dismayed that the government was taking so much from my check. The minimum wage was $1.60 an hour and I worked my butt off to get a small amount but I felt it was my duty as an American to pay my fair share of taxes. I was 13 when I got my first job and I had gainful employment ever since.

Today I am receiving disability payments due to a defective brain. I was born with a disease that went undiagnosed for over 40 years. I hate not being able to work and to continue to contribute to our great country. When I went to Social Security to receive my disability payments that I earned through the F.I.C.A. tax, I had to wait three years before I started getting payments. I get barely enough to cover my basic needs, rent, utilities, groceries, clothes and when these basic necessities are acquired there is enough left over to go to a movie or attend local fairs and events. I do not have enough to support bad habits like alcohol and illegal drugs. I have a duty to my country to live within my means and to not cause trouble, so far I have done just that.

Today I awoke to a country that believes that the benefits I receive are “entitlements” that should be cut because the government spent all the money on other things. I can imagine all the Senior Citizens who worked so hard to get to retirement age are feeling betrayed by a small group of elected representatives who call the money they get “entitlements” and that our country can no longer afford to pay these benefits due to the fiscal irresponsibility of these elected officials.

When these cuts are implemented the people who receive these “entitlements” are going to suffer greatly. They will be forced to skip meals and medications. They will have to find a way to support their current lifestyle by relying on relatives and local food banks.

If they were allowed to take the money that the government took from their paychecks and deposit it in a retirement account most would be living comfortably on the funds they saved. But the government said no. They continued to take this money knowing that, in the near future they would not be able to pay these “entitlements” and that day has arrived.

I would hope that our elected officials would stop trying to pin the current fiscal Armageddon on the programs that provide our Seniors and the Disabled with the money they worked so hard to get and cut their own salaries and benefits. President Obama and the Congress have decided to do just that. Our Seniors and the Disabled must be made the scapegoats for this mess.

There are over 4,ooo,ooo federal employees and almost 16,000,000 state and local government employees currently receiving paychecks from the taxpayers. How much are they going to take from them? Are they going to continue to take Social Security and F.I.C.A. taxes from the hard working citizens knowing that the government will not be able to provide them with the retirement and disability benefits? I can imagine that if the insurance and retirement companies took money from people and then told them that they couldn’t afford to pay out the benefits that they promised, that they would be shut down and forced to pay and the executives in charge would face criminal charges. How is that different from what our current Congress and President are doing?

They believe they can get blood from turnips, imagine that!


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