Are you…?

Upset? It has been a real rollercoaster ride listening to the President and Congress squabbling over how to spend the money we unselfishly give them to run our country. What do we expect from this investment? Clean air? Clean water? unrestricted flow of goods from State to State? Protection from those who hate us? It all sounds like a reasonable expectation, doesn’t it?

Bewildered? The Federal Government has, at its disposal, Trillions of dollars to do what it has to do to keep our government and our way of life from becoming extinct. We elect our officials to be our representatives and to protect our interests. If they are there to do our bidding then why do they act to protect themselves from possibly being voted out of office? It seems that they, the 535 men and women, are out for themselves and do not consider us, the tax payer, in their negotiations to keep our country from imploding. Is it as hard for you to believe as it is to me, that our government cannot live within its means?

Disillusioned? That over 4.3 million federal employees cannot come up with a plan to keep our country’s spending under control? That our government officials think they can keep spending and borrowing without any care of the consequences? Who are the ones who have authorized the massive borrowing and spending that has become unsustainable? Should the ones responsible be allowed to retain a position of power in our government? I hope the answer is NO, absolutely not.

Ready to become an effective majority? The general perspective of a citizen is that if you are a member of certain ethnic groups, other than white, you are a minority. To me this is just another ploy to keep us from seeing the real picture. The difference between the  majority or minority is based on the your vote. If you vote with the majority of Americans then you are part of the majority. If you vote with the minority of Americans then you are part of the minority, simple. If you want to be a participating member of the majority of  Americans who want the government to work with the money they currently receive from us, the taxpayers, then we need to vote out those responsible for our current fiscal crisis. To speak out against those who put our country in such peril, by using our voting power to say to those we elect, that if you continue to risk our country’s standing in the world you will not get our vote next time around.

Ready to do the right thing? Let us send a strong message to Washington. That the constant bickering between parties is no longer tolerable and that a balanced budget is the only course of action that we, the voting majority, will accept from this point on. The government has a responsibility to maintain a strong military. To maintain a viable plan to keep our seniors and the sick from becoming pawns in their misguided arguments. To keep our infrastructure in tact and up to date. These three things are not to be bargaining chips. After these are taken care of then they can decide how much of the many trillion dollars they have at their disposal are to be utilized. No more passing legislation that authorizes the borrowing of money to pay for things that we do not need.

Why must the federal government keep expanding beyond its means? Cannot the States do most of the things that the federal government does? Law enforcement is a big puzzle to me. The FBI, The ATF., The DEA, DHS., and dozens of other policing agencies have powers to operate in any state. Why cannot the States themselves police the citizens in their perspective States rather than having the Feds do it? The Coast Guard Protects our coastal borders,. The Immigration Dept. patrols our land based borders between Mexico and Canada. couldn’t the State Police, The County Sheriff, City Police and State prison system. do the same job as all these federal agencies?  If someone commits a crime in several states could they not be tried in the one state that has the better case? I remember the Sniper who terrorized people in several states and it was decided to allow the state with the death penalty to try the case, not the Federal Govt. How much could we save by combining or eliminating law enforcement agencies that duplicate what the States can do? The agents themselves, their support staff and all the vehicles they use, all the fuel they use not to mention the court system and prisons. Can these all be consolidated into State agencies.

I am certain many people would say that this would cause too much fiscal burden on the States, but if the taxes collected to support these federal agencies was collected by the States themselves the cost would be absorbed by the new revenues.

Are entitlements too expensive to maintain? It seems like the answer would be a resounding YES. To pay our seniors, the disabled, to cover the medical costs for these people takes a lot of taxes and, to many, are unsustainable. But what about the taxes being collect specifically for these programs. On your paycheck statement is a box for Social Security. The government says that by collecting these taxes for Social Security our seniors will have a sustainable retirement plan that will provide for them after they leave the workforce. Now they say it is an unsustainable plan and that the program is going broke and those under 55 can no longer count on this program when it comes time for them to retire. But they still expect these people to continue paying the Social Security tax. If the system is unsustainable shouldn’t the taxes stop? Shouldn’t the people now paying into the system be allowed to put that money into a personal retirement plan?

Also there is a F.I.C.A. tax. If you look at the money that program takes from your paycheck with the promise that if you become disabled the taxes you paid would be used to sustain you until you can either rejoin the workforce or until you reach retirement age and start collecting Social Security. Oh, by the way, Social Security won’t ber there for you either. Shouldn’t you be able to take that money and buy a private insurance plan? Something like the AFLAC insurance that would pay  to cover your expenses until you go back to work. How can the Government justify collecting these taxes from you but not feel obligated to pay when it comes time for you to reap the benefits? If you paid a private company to cover you in retirement and disability and when you finally became eligible to receive these benefits the company says they cannot afford to pay, wouldn’t these companies be shut down and forced to pay back all the monies they collected from you? Most certainly YES. But our politicians feel they can do this without having to suffer the consequences.

It’s time to send a clear message. The Federal Government cannot continue to collect taxes for programs that will not do for you what they claim. That this money should be used to fund your retirement and periods of disability through private insurance companies.          

How can  representatives that you voted for turn around and tell you that it is vital to our economy to continue to collect these taxes without a guarantee that you will be able to count on these programs when you retire or become disabled? It is up to you to say NO. We are mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Become part of the majority of Americans who say NO to these unfair taxes and be a force to be reckoned with. Use your vote to say to these incumbents, “I am a part of the majority and you are history”.


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