About Jack

I was born in L.A. a little town called El Segundo, I lived in Hawthorne, Torrance, Oxnard and Redondo Beach. After graduation I joined the U.S. Navy and served 4 years. I was stationed aboard 3 vessels, SSBN 659 gold, DD 931 and AD 41. while I was serving my country I lived in or have been to these places, Groton, CT. Holy Loch, Scotland, Charleston, S.C., Norfolk, VA. I visited Gitmo Cuba  Monserrat (which was later destroyed by a volcano) Puerto Rico  and while I was on a Med Cruise I visited Rota and Malaga Spain, Naples Italy Aqaba Jordan, Djibouti  Africa, Bahrain home of the 5th fleet, we also had a nice 4 day stay on the resort Island of Majorca before heading back to the good ol’ USA After I was honorably discharged I worked in commissioned sales until I used my G.I. Bill to get my Commercial Drivers License and drove big rigs until I was forced to retire for medical reasons. I am currently separated from my wife of 19 years. We have 2 sons, 19 and 23, they have both graduated and are now working in the family business. I follow a christian philosophy that keeps me from doing bad things. I like to think about problems and work out solutions. I lean to the right mostly but have a few leftist ideals. If you want to know more I am on Facebook and twitter.


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