Now that our economic future has been…?

Does this make it easier?

Most people, I like to use the 80% theory, only want to work to keep their families safe and to provide an “American Dream” lifestyle in which the children look up to their parents as good providers and worthy of their obedience. That leaves the 20% who need some kind of assistance in their lives to keep the bills paid and the children in school.

At this moment The Debt Clock shows we have between 311 million and 312 million citizens. So if I use the Average of 311,500,000 and ask for 20% I come up with  62,300,000. The politicians touted some 80,000,000 during the August 2011 showdown. So, if I average that to 71 million that would be the figure to make untouchable.  Average $2000.00 a month per citizen comes up to about 17 trillion, wow, dollars a year to help those who cannot help themselves. The Debt Clock shows that there are about 112 million taxpayers so, again I calculate 17 trillion divided by 112 million we get 152 thousand dollars average per taxpayer. Wow, It seems almost impossible to understand how we can sustain these numbers. But what is the alternative?

Lower the amount per person is probably the popular solution. Lets look at the possible effects to this solution. Lets cut this in half to $1000.00 dollars per person. This would create a huge swell for the need of food stamp programs. I think that the Social Security Administration has not authorized an adjustment to inflation since 2005. But as we are all aware of the costs of goods and services has roughly increased by at least 75% since then. So, now after seeing their buying power decrease the amount of dollars given is to be reduced. The only way for them to survive now would be to give up any independent living styles and move in with a relative or BFF. By cutting out the rent and utilities that leaves more to taking care of their nutritional and emotional selves. Larger households can take advantage of warehouse prices and a smaller per person cost which increases the buying power of the entire house. Of course we have to consider the children. kids who have a large family structure have the best mental health while kids of 3 or less relatives/parents/siblings show higher averages for mental health issues.

Increase the amount of taxpayers. This is the ideal solution. Put more eligible workers back to work. If you have money you are hording until Christmas then maybe you can be part of a give it forward solution. Find out what is made and sold in your County and try to buy one thing extra a month. If a business can get a monthly increase in business they will likely spend that money or use it to expand some aspect of their business. Buy a toy for a young cousin, a knickknack for an aunt or uncle. Send someone in the Obituaries a few bucks in the mail or give them a gift card. Nothing cheers people up more than some extra buying power. It is a big deal when you can afford the good toilet paper.

If you want to get something for your hard-earned cash then buy a service that you would normally do yourself. Hire a Merry Maid, Take a Limo to a play, let the kid that keeps asking to cut your grass earn some money. Get the car washed and tip good.

Go out to eat. Take someone out for their anniversary. Tip 20% as much as possible. waitresses and waiters go shopping after work to buy the goods and services.

Buy that one car that you always wanted, I bet in this economy you could find some desperate sellers needing a cash injection.

That special wish or want has got to be easier to buy today than a year ago. Milk and gasoline may be close to five dollars a gallon but the amount of gas guzzlers on the market is mind-boggling. they are all around you.

If you take notice of For Sale signs in cars let your mind consider the weight and size of engine it has and the most will come to be suv’s and pick-ups.  so if you figure that you could survive with a car that takes a lot more fuel and own a high MPG rated auto then this is your market, big deals await in new and used vehicles.

Want to own a home? I would think that in this market of bloated inventory and construction of new dwellings at an all time low and the Fed Reserve just announced lowest interest rates to continue for the next two years.

Maybe it is time to use your knowledge and buying power to buy an existing business that you think you could advance with your knowledge and finances. Or start that new idea you were always sure would work if you had the time to try it out.

Move out of the way to let in new people. Think about this. You retire and your company hires a new person at the bottom and everyone below you moves up. Someone will benefit, then you buy a business which will increase revenues for the government. You hire one to two people who in turn pay more taxes and relieve the entitlement pool. It is up to us to get in the boat and help to get this sinking economy to shore.

Put it out there. Do something to stimulate the economy. Find where you are flush and use that to fund the economy. Just by tipping an extra five percent could make it better.

So, our economy has been hit with severe blows to our lifestyles and our peace of mind. Some solutions, inviting older or disabled relatives or friends to share your home. Buy one extra gift this month and every month as long as you can afford it. Make that big purchase. Use local services.  All of these things can help. Can you?


The Verdict is In, Wow

When I posted my last blog I was unaware that the jury could not convict Casey of the accidental death of her daughter, Caylee. I feel that the prosecutors had presented the jury the wrong case. I felt from the beginning that Casey tried to knock out Caylee with chloroform and accidentally killed her. After which she felt that since she was probably going to jail for her daughter’s death, that partying and having a good time was her only way to deal with the situation.

I can tell from the very beginning of this sad story that Casey did not love her daughter. Caylee was an accidental birth and every time she wanted to go out and meet people she would have to find someone to watch her and then if she met someone she would have to admit to having a child. Most of us know that this is a big turn off for guys her age looking for their future bride.

Bottom line, Caylee died while in the care of her mother and if the prosecutor would have presented the accidental death of Caylee by the hands of her mother then they most likely would have convicted her.

I have to wonder if there were other child deaths that would have warranted the attention this trial received. Hmmmm

Have Scientists proven that God exists?

I have been following the progress that scientists are making in particle physics by watching The Science Channel. The one thing that struck me as possible was that they discovered that energy can be turned into a particle. Does this mean that the energy that we think of as our soul could flow out into the heavens and become a solid mass?

Also I have been thinking about how black holes work and the possibility that our universe is a particle like ball to the creator and that when a star explodes and sometimes creates a black hole that a syringe like action is taking place. I take insulin shots and I imagine a being using a syringe to draw out the elements that are produced when a star explodes. One thing that makes this seem likely is that sometimes there is a discharge from a black hole that looks like when you fill a syringe and squirt out some to check the flow.

I envision that who we call God, our creator, being a scientist and that we are like nano particles trying to discover what is in the universe and that when we die our knowledge that we gained while alive here on Earth is downloaded from our minds and we become part of some cosmic data base.

It would explain how our creator has no real physical control of our lives but can speak to a few who share a common frequency. Adam was the first human that our creator could talk to and explain our existence here in our universe. Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, all of these people had the right frequency that allowed the creator to relay to them what our purpose is here.

The message from these humans were the same. Try to live in peace and live our lives as fully as we can and when we pass from the physical universe, as we know it, to a place where our memories live on as part of some collective.

I can even imagine that hell could exist and that having been reborn and learning that we will have to live with our experiences for what would seem like an eternity and having caused so much pain and despair would create a shame so unbearable that our memories would be hell to have to live with in our new existence. kind of like finding out you won the lottery and realize you lost the ticket. 

We have discovered everything we can about molecules, atoms, particles and finally Quarks. What is beyond the quark is yet to be discovered. Our universe could be a quark to the creator and that we were put here to find out all we can about what makes up our universe and to download that information when we die.

A quark (play /ˈkwɔrk/ or /ˈkwɑrk/) is an elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter. Quarks combine to form composite particles called hadrons, the most stable of which are protons and neutrons, the components of atomic nuclei.[1] Due to a phenomenon known as color confinement, quarks are never directly observed or found in isolation; they can only be found within hadrons.[2][3] For this reason, much of what is known about quarks has been drawn from observations of the hadrons themselves. I pasted this from wikipedia.

I can even go a step further and imagine that Alzheimer’s maybe a result of our Creator finding a way to download our knowledge before we actually die. I have met some people with that disease and you can tell by their eyes that they are not conscious of their existence, an empty  but yet active mind. Kind of like a dog’s eyes when they sit or lay down and look around. Can this be possible?

I say why not. with so many people who believe in an afterlife and so many different civilizations yearning for a heavenly existence yet trying to remain alive as long as possible and to explore everything. It is in our DNA to believe in the possibility.